Braised ribs with sweet and sour pickles are both delicious and quick to digest.

    Braised ribs with sweet and sour pickles are the main dish to make the meal more delicious. The dish is delicious, easy to digest and full of nutrients for the body.

    Braised ribs with sweet and sour pickles, though simple, need to be done in order to increase the effectiveness of nutrients in food. The dish needs to be decorated with more vegetables and fruits to make it more beautiful, eaten with fried rice is extremely mouth-watering and stimulated to eat more.

    Material :

    • Pork Ribs: 500 grams
    • Pickles: 1 cup
    • 1 tomato, green onion, chili, pepper.

    Perform :

    • Pickle ingredients are washed with cold water several times to reduce the sour taste. Ribs washed with diluted salt water to dry. Chop the ribs into bite-sized pieces.
    • Wash the ribs in boiling water for about 1 minute, then take them out to dry. When boiling over boiling water will reduce the smell of meat.
    • Sauté onion and garlic, fry the ribs in boiling water until the meat is firm. Out and drain oil.
    • Put the sliced ​​tomatoes in the hot oil pan, sauté until cooked. Add water, seasoning, and fish sauce in a moderate amount.
    • After the water boils for the pre-fried ribs. Cover the lid and let it simmer until the ribs are soft, then add the melon and let it cook for 2 minutes.
    • Pour cooked braised ribs on a plate, sprinkle some pepper and sliced ​​chili on the surface and serve on the table.

    Have a delicious meal!

    Important notes when making sweet pickle braised ribs:

    • Melon must choose a place that sells reputable, clean and safe food. Or you can make pickles at home using a simple recipe.
    • Pork chops choose young ribs with lots of cartilage, the meat is light pink, the fresh meat is pushed in by fingers with good elasticity.

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